Hey. You out there? Are we out there? 

Looks like we will be calling it shits over the last few months of 2016 (as best as we can) as we contemplate bigger things, or at least different things. This means that you should let us know if there is anything you want from us before we put it all into a shuttle pod & launch it into the future where it belongs. Hit up the shop page and if you see something, say something. In the meantime we will be loading things into the capsule. Maybe catch you in dat future.

2016 CD SALE

Heya. We have discounted the cost of a 3pak of cds to 15$ppd, down from 18$ppd (in N. America. Addt'l shipping applies overseas). Pick your discs then enter code 3PAK2016 at checkout. The 5 cd powerpak is still a better deal at 20$ppd, but maybe you just want less. That's ok. Do your thing. It's just... well, we have enough of these cds already. We want you to have some. And we want some closet space back. Let's help each other out. Visit our SHOP.

Bandcamp update.

So our Bandcamp setup has been going pretty well and we are hoping to go even further with it. We've got the new, first Allarms EP (tbtmo38) up, some Mall releases up, and most of our compilations are up as well. A lot of our other stuff we hope to get up, but there are logistics with clearing it with the artists and stuff. It's just a matter of getting in touch & working it out. Going forward we hope to add some of our other releases. I will point out that we did just yesterday switch the two releases (Allarms EP & Subtraction comp) we had as free downloads (pay what you want)... we switched them to be $3 like all the other releases. Obviously the free thing was and is cool but it's 3$. More than anything we are just encouraging you to set up a Bandcamp user account and start supporting artists, and feeling good about the support you provide. You could (previously) download either of these releases for free or pay what you want, but only by dropping a few bucks would anyone see you as a supporter on the Bandcamp pages. You should feel good about that. (Not to mention that we  think that 3$ a release is a sweet & fair deal compared to the 15$+ cds of yesteryear). You can still stream everything we have on Bandcamp for free, at least a few times a release, without paying. If you then feel like you wanna hear it again, then yeah, just pay the 3$. Show yourself as a fan of it. On the other hand, if you're livin' so tight today that you are all up on one of our releases but 3$ is just gonna destroy you, then please get in touch and I will get you that release one way or another, probably from Bandcamp, for free. That's pretty much it. Bandcamp is a cool thing... you should dig in and enjoy it.

Oh, one last thing - when the Subtraction comp was initially released on cassette in 1997, there was a hidden (unlisted) track on it. Today on Bandcamp, almost 20 years later, it's still in hiding. You cannot stream it, it will only appear with purchase of the album. Coax it out of hiding with your 3$. See... we can have fun with this, people. [Some hints on the hidden track: It's the second track on the comp for someone. AND the track was re-hidden later on a subsequent album (also available on Bandcamp). Ok, on this.

Allarms @ Kung Fu Necktie Sat. 10.3.15

Hey. The first Allarms show is set. We're playing Sat., Oct. 3rd, upstairs @ Kung Fu Necktie (Fishtown, Philly) w/ Burned Out, Still Glowing and Rexedog. Both bands are friends of ours so it will be a fun one and probably a wild one as well. It's FREE and it starts at or around 8pm -ish. Not sure of the order so come and plan on sticking around for a bit and having some fun. I know that is difficult but let's try to just wild out at this show 'cause that's just what it gonna be and we don't want you dragging us down, yo. Got it?! It's gonna be a night of guitars but try not to throw a shit fit, ok? Oh, btw, Rod has been in the habit of making video flyers for shows of his and he continues with this one:



Yo peeps. It's 2015 goin on 2016 (fyi) and we've created a Bandcamp page. Due to logistics and complicated stuff it's limited to select releases (and growing, hopefully), but what's there is some of our better releases and totally worth checking out. You can stream for free, DL for cheap ($3/album), and order a few physical releases, including the TOTAL flash drive. You may also notice that the releases that have been put up on Bandcamp have an embed in their releaseblog page so you can listen, DL or whatev... different than the audio insert of the site host template. We are gonna figure something out about that in the near future but for now enjoy the Bandcamp shit maybe.

New artist pages & more different site stuff.

We bout to implement some changes to the site that should be for the better (for what it's worth), probably most notably what we tentatively call the releaseblog (in progress), which leads us to the newer, cooler (draft) discography page (also a work in progress, just like the rest of the site). And possibly more importantly, we have new artist pages, as below:

Allarms   .   Collette Carter   .   Pacifica   .   Robmall   .   Mall   .   more to come

Feel up on that stuff, all behind the scenes like and whatnot, and we will make it all nice & pretty probably sometime in the next few years or decade or so.

Rob Mall's recent Rizumu live mix 04.26.2015

On the weekend of 04.26-04.27.2015 our homies Rizumu threw a pretty great 27 hour party that was def one for the books. It ran from midnight Saturday night, all through Sunday and just into early Monday, technically. It was, of course, a pleasure to be invited to drop a set for a very cool bunch of peeps from 3-5p Sunday, right after the great John Schenk & Rudy Kardos tag-team, and in the middle of an amazing 27hr Rizumu experience. Was my first set in over a year (probably since this - w/ John Schenk) but I think I caught a decent vibe for the couple of hours and think it went pretty well overall. Much love to Rizumu and their peeps!

The physical realm (aka stuff). For your ears.

Hey. We are having an inspired moment digging thru the closet at HQ and would like to remind you that we have a whole back catalog of physical releases from us and friends (tbtmo & other labels) that we'd like to connect with your eyes, ears & mind (but do not eat). We hear that vinyl is more cool than ever, and while we did a lot of digital over the years (cd, mp3) we do have some vinyl and also cassette. It spans back the past decade or two but holds up and is also great nostalgia of when shit was just cooler. If you know us from way back or just checkin us out, I promise we got sum good stuff for you so just ask what we gotz. Lotz (but prolly not all) is listed in the shopz. Might I add that the tbtmo total flashdrive is pretty much an entire label's lifetime (us) digitized into a fucking sweet 8GB flashdrive. We are also hoping to get it all up in this site for just some simple viewing & DLing in the near future (ho hum).

NEW for 2015: Allarms EP (tbtmo38)

Surprise! We've got a new release! While the label has seemed a bit quiet for the past... long while, we have been kinda steadily practicing for... a long while also, and we are proud to announce a new band with a new EP. Allarms is essentially a rethink / reversion of Collette Carter, born from practices for live shows. Rod (guitar) & Wilynda (vox) are still joined by Rob (synth) and now a new rhythm section of Nick (bass) & Randall (drums). We recorded this EP over a couple of weeks in the second half of 2014 (w/ Dan Bogan if Young Statues) and it is now upon us. We hope to get the live show out in the open to push the EP a bit asap. For now, you can play the EP here on our site, or play or DL it from SoundcloudBandcamp, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, or Google Play.

SHOP is up. Shop it up.

Sup peeps. A new & current SHOP page is up with new package deals as well as individual items. It is our hope that you will have your mind massaged by these physical releases while at the same time cleaning out our hq. That's the win/win scenario. Check it out, get some stuff. Thx